How to Bowl like a Pro

We often hear people say that everything can be done perfectly as long as you devote some time to practice. This also applies practically to everything, even with bowling. Beginners may seem to be discouraged especially right after their first experience. However, they shouldn’t lose hope that fast because something can be done in order to make things work out just right. Nothing is impossible if you stay motivated and keep believing in yourself.

Bowling has been labelled as the perfect first date agendum, a nice way to get together with friends or even a great activity when having fun with family and loved ones. No matter what your purpose or motive is in playing bowling, one thing remains the same – everybody wants to play it right. It just so happens that you can’t really pull off something most especially if you didn’t have any previous experience with it. This is also true with bowling, most especially for beginners. Regardless how fast you throw the ball, where you throw it and how heavy the ball you used, if you are a beginner, your throws would most likely end up in the gutter. This is because there are some guidelines and strategies one must observe when aiming to knock down the pins. If you always end up getting gutter balls, do not get discouraged easily. This article is targeted on teaching you on how to bowl like a pro.

Here are some tips that professional bowlers have shared on how one could bowl to a perfect game. Knocking down all 10 pins with more consistency is everyone’s ultimate goal so better keep these tips at heart. First and foremost, in order for one to bowl like a pro, he/she must wear bowling shoes. You do not have to choose the most stylish bowling footwear and you don’t even have to buy the most expensive pair. As long as they are good for the game and feel safe for the bowling lane floors, the shoes will do. Wearing the proper footwear when bowling prevents you from any possibilities of injuries especially on your feet since bowling center floors are quite slippery,

The next thing to observe for you to bowl like a pro is the proper handling of the ball. Beginners often commit the same mistakes by inserting their thumb, index and middle fingers into the holes to get a good grasp. What they do not know is that the best way to get a good grip with the ball is to insert the ring finger instead of the index. Therefore, the correct fingers to be inserted into the holes are the thumb, middle and ring fingers. The remaining two fingers which are the index and pinky shall be used to guide and stabilize the ball. The index finger serves as the pointer and directs the ball to its aim.

To bowl like a pro, you also have to observe the proper stance when throwing the ball. The perfect stance is the one that you are most comfortable with. As long as you are able to release the ball into lane without feeling any discomforts, then that is the perfect and proper stance for you. Inculcate everything to both of your minds and hearts and you will see that it is never impossible to bowl like a pro.