How to Get a Strike in Bowling

A strike in bowling means knocking down ten pins all at once with your first ball in a frame. It is hard to earn a strike but that doesn’t mean it is impossible, especially for beginners. People whose score sheets are mostly found with series of X’s are deserving of praise and honor. This means that they are able to get a strike, not only once, but always. So how does one get one and eventually, more strikes in bowling? Read further and learn how.

First step is to start working with the foot that corresponds to the dominance of your hand. Therefore, right handed bowlers must start off with their right foot while lefties should start with their left. Doing otherwise will make the bowler lose balance and most likely, get a gutter ball. Then, you have to calm yourself and free your mind and spirit from all the negative energies. Take 3 deep breaths, step to the approach and gladly pick out the ball you are most comfortable with. As soon as you take some steps forward, make sure your shoulders are kept parallel with the foul line. In the event that you twist your torso from side to side, inaccuracies will take place. When you swing the ball back and then forward, follow a straight line which is also perpendicular to the foul line. Avoid swinging the ball around your body or releasing it by means of side throw. The next step is to keep your foot just behind the foul line because as the name itself suggests, going beyond that line will warrant you a foul. Meaning to say, even if you get a strike with that throw, you will not be earning any credit for it. If you notice, there are some dots on the lane so make sure you aim for the one in the middle. Do not throw the ball so hard so it does not catch you off guard. But after some constant practice, you may be able to control how hard you throw the ball and be able to do so right down the middle line and hit a strike. This may not always work especially during your first few tries but don’t be so frustrated about your missed hits. Once you are confident enough after some trials, you may start all over again. This time, focus your attention on the pins and avoid being so conscious on the floor lane. When releasing the ball, think that you are like shaking your hands with the head pin. It might also help to aim your thumb to the middle pin.

Those just mentioned are the steps on how to get a strike in bowling. If you follow all those heartily and religiously, you are not far from the possibility of hitting a strike, even if you are just a beginner. As pointed out earlier, it may be really hard and disappointing to see that despite following all the steps, you cannot get a strike. However, constant practice is needed for you to achieve in your goal. They say that bowling practice should go on approximately 1-3 months. After such time, you’ll see significant improvement and realize you’ve been getting series of strikes while bowling.