How to Position Feet in Bowling

Discussing the ways on how a bowler properly position his feet in bowling may sound very basic especially to those who have been playing this sport for quite a long time now. However, one must realize that feet positioning is probably one of the most important factor that determines how well you do in bowling.

So basically, the position of your feet is a reflection on the direction where you want the ball to go. It has this great impact or contribution to the outcome after the ball is thrown down the bowling aisle. Another importance of the proper positioning of the feet when bowling is to be able to gain more balance and power. Most likely, players have the same goal and that is to knock down all those pins given the two chances in one frame. He can only make this possible if he is able to start off with an effective feet positioning. The proper way to position your feet actually depends on whether the person is left or right handed. Right handed people usually start off by standing in a position where their left foot is slightly forward. You must start by establishing or finding the most comfortable way of being in this position plus being able to point your left toe/s into the direction where you want the ball to go to.

The most desirable position is to have your toe pointing down to the target lane which is found in the center area and is aiming towards the 6th pin. Then the right foot is assumed to found at the back since the left foot is set to be slightly forwarded. The right foot should be kept behind and somewhat flaring out a little. You may now adjust yourself or find yourself a way on how you can be able to be comfortable having this kind of positioning in your feet. It may feel awkward during the first and initial attempts to bowl the proper and acceptable way, but eventually, this will get into your system and you will no longer be conscious and wouldn’t even anymore notice that you are actually adapting the position already. Try to be in your most athletic self when practicing how to position your feet when bowling.

With that feet positioning, it is a must to know that the most important thing is to keep the angle established by your feet in accordance with your hips and shoulders. Basically, there should be parallel alignment in these body parts therefore you are given a very good and strong base on the ground. Once established, you are now ready to throw the ball in the direction where you want it to go and where you want to knock down pins. In throwing the ball, there is a need for you to bend a little in order to have that power and control over the release of the bowling ball. And one more important reminder, you must be careful not to step or exceed over the foul line so as not to be dismayed with not getting credits for your strikes and spares.